Final Presentation…

The assessment day has arrived and I am so looking forward to presenting why I chose to make this film, rather than a play by play of how I actually made it. I always find this part much more interesting than watching “behind the scenes” type presentations; everyone I’ve worked with is so talented and being able to hear why they made certain stylistic or movement choices is not only interesting but its a learning opportunity.  Some of my course mates come from an illustration background, some from fine arts and others from graphic design or film.  The way their backgrounds have influenced their films is so unique so I’ll get to hear more about it today!

The final week is soon approaching….



Painting FX in TVPaint…

I only have two FX in my film and they’re quite quick.  As I wanted it to look slightly different than the girl’s body, I chose to continue working in TV Paint.

This was incredibly relaxing! I got to “noodle” with my Wacom tablet which is my fancy way of saying that I doodled with no particular technique for these FX and its been such a great week. I have listened to a lot of podcasts, a lot of music and even more audio books and it’s felt like a detachment from the feeling of “work” while still being a necessary part of this whole film.

Such a gift of a week! I’ll be done today and then I will be rendering everything out and editing it together…


Colouring begins…

I have finished all of my face animation in TV Paint and will now move on to colouring all the frames.  I’ve really enjoyed working in TV Paint and got the hang of the interface quickly.  I’ve found it to be a relaxing break from animating in 3D; there’s just something about drawing that feels better to my hands.

By Saturday, I should have everything coloured and then I can add these files to the layered textures in Maya! I’m so looking forward to rendering all of this out next week.


Bianca is Brilliant…

Short post this week…gotta get animating!

I have never used TV Paint before but my lovely course mate Bianca was so helpful with showing me around the interface.  The program is so simple to use it was almost laughable! Such a wonderful way to animate and I think I’m going to like this.


Rendering continued…

I’ve got three scenes fully rendered and I’m working on rendering the fourth.  The plan is to have the fifth and final scene rendered tomorrow so that I can begin doing her expression animation in TV paint next week.

I’m finding that this rendering process has been seriously FAST.  The toon shader with no light from Maya and minimal objects has made each file render in about 2-3 minutes total, averaging 12 minutes per scene.  This has been more of a “tweak animation then render” week because the fast render time is allowing for more flexibility.

Looking forward to the next phase…


Placing more items before I render this first part.


This is way exciting…I’ve rendered three sections of scene two. I have 31 sections in total and I hope to get at least seven more rendered by Saturday. This is all in preparation for TV Paint so I can animate her facial expressions by drawing on top of the image sequences.

I’ll post a photo of this later as the computer is busy rendering away. I’m looking forward to the TV Paint section of this film as I keep hearing how fun and easy the program is!

As a completely unimportant sidenote: the weather outside is sunny, warm and lovely.  Spring is officially here!


The ball of light looks like how I imagined it 🙂

This is a test render shot from a few weeks back.

Last week of animating…

This is the FINAL PUSH. As you can see, with only a handful of weeks to animate the entire film, this is going to be a bit of a tight job but its largely because of how I am choosing to do the facial expressions.

As I mentioned, my first year did a test for doing a layered shader in Maya that plays a PNG sequence for one of the textures.  This basically allows me to hand draw the animation and have it used as a texture without a need for tracking in post.

As soon as I get the animation done I will be rendering out every scene file and then beginning facial animation. This is so much fun because its a brand new process, definitely experimental and I’m looking forward to it!!


Animating without the face is tricky…